Under the Sea handprint fish craft

It’s getting cold outside, and when it’s cold outside what do we dream of?


OK, some may have said snow, but I think many dream of having warm summer days back.

And when I think of summer, I usually think of the water or the beach, so I decided to make a fun under-the-sea craft that you can do with supplies you have at home.

Photo of a fish handprint

Supplies list

Paper plate

Blue crayon

Finger paint and paintbrush



Green marker

Googly eye

First, color the entire paper plate with a blue crayon for a watery background.

Next, paint your child’s hand with finger paint. I chose fingerpaint because it’s easy to wash off, but you can also use any other kind of non-toxic paint. You can even trace a handprint and color it in or trace a handprint, cut it out and glue it onto the background. There’s plenty of options, dependent on what supplies you have on hand.

Photo of a painted handPress the painted hand to the paper plate and lift carefully so you don’t smudge the handprint.

Use the gluestick to put a layer of glue across the bottom of the paper plate, underneath the handprint. Then lightly shower glitter over the glue so it sticks.

Photo of a yellow handprint on a paper plate with glitter being poured

Use the green marker to draw aquatic vegetation next to the handprint.

When the handprint is dry, attach a googly eye on the side of the handprint palm closest to the wrist and use the marker to make a smile underneath.

It’s fun to see what variety your kids will come up with. Here is a photo of the one I completed this week with a variation our summer intern created!

Photo of two fish handprintsI think she’s more creative than I am…

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