Under the Sea handprint fish craft

It’s getting cold outside, and when it’s cold outside what do we dream of?


OK, some may have said snow, but I think many dream of having warm summer days back.

And when I think of summer, I usually think of the water or the beach, so I decided to make a fun under-the-sea craft that you can do with supplies you have at home.

Photo of a fish handprintopens IMAGE file

Supplies list

Paper plate

Blue crayon

Finger paint and paintbrush



Green marker

Googly eye

First, color the entire paper plate with a blue crayon for a watery background.

Next, paint your child’s hand with finger paint. I chose fingerpaint because it’s easy to wash off, but you can also use any other kind of non-toxic paint. You can even trace a handprint and color it in or trace a handprint, cut it out and glue it onto the background. There’s plenty of options, dependent on what supplies you have on hand.

painted handPress the painted hand to the paper plate and lift carefully so you don’t smudge the handprint.

Use the gluestick to put a layer of glue across the bottom of the paper plate, underneath the handprint. Then lightly shower glitter over the glue so it sticks.

Photo of a yellow handprint on a paper plate with glitter being pouredopens IMAGE file

Use the green marker to draw aquatic vegetation next to the handprint.

When the handprint is dry, attach a googly eye on the side of the handprint palm closest to the wrist and use the marker to make a smile underneath.

It’s fun to see what variety your kids will come up with. Here is a photo of the one I completed this week with a variation our summer intern created!

Photo of two fish handprintsopens IMAGE file I think she’s more creative than I am…

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