Perfect Halloween nature craft: Spooky leaves!

Seasonal crafts that you can make with supplies you find outside are some of the best crafts.

And what is there in abundance at this time of year?


So, for this craft, your first goal is to head outside with the kiddos and pick up three to five of your favorite leaves. We have an abundance of bur oak leaves in the oak savanna in Kenue Park, but try to see if you can find leaves of different shapes and sizes.

Bring your findings back inside and lay them out on paper plates, paper towels or newspaper. Make sure the leaves are dry and then find some acrylic paint and paintbrushes.

Photo of a leaf being painted orange

Paint your leaves either white for ghosts or orange for pumpkins — I decided to do both.

Hold on to the leaf stem so that you don’t get your fingers all painty.

Let the leaves dry for about an hour, and then come back with a finer paintbrush to add a jack-o-lantern face to the orange leaves or a ghost face to the white leaves.

Photo of a white-painted leaf being painted with black

You can hang them on the refrigerator, use them to act out a Halloween story or glue them onto construction paper to make a fun Halloween card for a friend.

Photo of leaves painted with faces

If you want to find even more nature-related Halloween crafts, check out this blog that was the inspiration for my crafts today!

You can also find a fun acorn craft here, and a nature craft that takes zero supplies here.

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