The perfect fall craft — a handprint acorn!

‘Tis the season of acorns.

Come to Kenue Park and you will see many, many of the tasty morsels that animals like squirrels love to munch on during the winter.

That makes an acorn craft the perfect fall activity, one that we did during our Colors of the Wind-themed Nature Tots program in September.

The materials needed are simple:

Brown washable paint in two shades


Small paintbrush

Cover your child’s hand in washable brown paint and press each hand to the piece of paper.

Photo of a parent/child working on a craft

Flip the piece of paper over so the hands are now upside down. Dip the paintbrush in the darker brown paint and paint an oval at the wrist-point of each hand and add a small line on top of the oval, like an acorn stem.

Photo of kids working on a craftWrite their name, age and date at the top of the paper, and you have a fun, fall craft to put on the fridge.

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