Finger puppets are an incredibly easy craft to make at home, because they need hardly any supplies but create hours — let’s be honest here, minutes — of fun.

We’ve made a bee finger puppet on our blog before, and you can download the template on our Five Bee Myths and Truths page, but this week we’re trying out a caterpillar finger puppet!

Start by downloading the free caterpillar finger puppet template and print it out. You can choose to print it on white paper and color the entire thing or on a colored sheet like we did.

Then cut out the caterpillar shapes.

Photo of caterpillar with scissors

To get the slot to put the child’s finger in, slightly fold the caterpillar length-wise down the middle without creasing and cut along the two black lines. Don’t cut all the way through.

Photo of a caterpillar finger puppet slightly folded

Then decorate the finger puppet with stripes like a monarch caterpillar, dots like a silk moth or any imagined design of the butterfly or moth you wish your caterpillar to become!

Photo of a caterpillar finger puppet

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