This mask was the hit craft of the 2017 Bee & Butterfly Festival. Whether you missed the fun or want to make new masks to wear at home, this butterfly mask is the perfect afternoon craft.

First, download the butterfly mask template and print it on cardstock or thick construction paper. We used colored cardstock just for some added pizzazz, but you can also print it on white and just let the kids color it.

Cut around the thick black edge until you have the shape cut out, and then slightly fold the mask down the center of the eyes and make a slit. Put the scissors in the middle of the slit and then cut out the center of the eye circles.

Decorate the mask with markers, crayons, colored pencils and/or stickers. (You can also have the kids decorate the mask before cutting it out if they’re young enough that you can’t see them staying inside the lines!)

Photo of a butterfly mask decorated

Flip the mask over and place a wooden skewer (or if you’re on a budget, get a stick from outside, it works the same) down the side of the mask and use clear packing tape to secure it.

Using the wooden skewer or stick, hold the mask up in front of your face. You’re a butterfly!

And don’t miss the 2018 Bee & Butterfly Festival, 4-8 p.m. Friday, Sept. 7, for more fun pollinator-themed crafts.

If you want an extra butterfly challenge, try this butterfly origami project!

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