Serial winner Alex Miles take home top slot again

I made hashmarks for each photo — with photographers anonymous — that our staff voted for in the fall photography contest at the Dickinson County Nature Center. Five hashmarks for his or her No. 1 pick, four for the No. 2 pick, three for No. 3 and so on.

When the votes were in, I double checked to see if that photo really was the winner. I was surprised not because I hadn’t voted for the winning photograph but because this was the third contest that this photographer has won.

Congratulations Alex Miles!Photo of the solar eclipse in the cloudsHis photo of the solar eclipse through the clouds in Alliance, NE, was a stunning display of photographic talent and amazing subject matter.

He also won in the spring 2017 contest with a photograph of a downy woodpecker.

Photograph of a downy woodpecker in a tree

And in the spring of 2016 with a hot pink petunia.

Photo of a petunia stamen

All of the entries this fall were from adults, and subject matter ranged from a fat squirrel to colorful avian creatures to sunsets to butterflies. We welcome nature-related entries from all ages to our photography contest, which is held bi-annually. The next contest entries will be due Sunday, April 1, and more information will be released prior to that contest.

(You can read about the fall contest entry parameters here.)

Montage of all contest entries

An online contest for a People’s Choice photograph is also going on at the Dickinson County Nature Center Facebook page. Make sure to stop by to vote! The winner of that award will be announced Friday, Sept. 15.

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