Pollinator Paradise: Good-bye porch

I returned from vacation to quite a change outside the Dickinson County Nature Center.

No porch on the north side of the building. Giant piles of dirt. A trench as tall as a person dug out of the ground.

Photo of building construction

Progress is coming right along on Pollinator Paradise.

When driving by, the north side of the building facing the road looks different. Some people have thought that a wall of the addition is already erect, but actually just the porch was taken off that side of the building. What you see is the current structure where the siding was taken off, and the door that once led to the porch is boarded off so no one tries to open it and falls 20 feet into the basement of the addition.

Workers from Poppema-Sikma Construction of Sheldon have been busy bees this week. They have been moving dirt to finish digging out the lower level of Pollinator Paradise, which will house storage, mechanical rooms as well as a new classroom area.

A trench has also been dug for footings for the new building.

I said in the last progress post that we’re going to have to get used to the sounds of construction, and although the beeping, banging and thudding have continued, those sounds are pretty exciting as we see quick movement being made on our current dream.

Photo of prairie with building construction in the background

If you would like more information on the Pollinator Paradise project, click here. You can also make a donation to the $1.7 million addition by dropping off a check made out to the Conservation Foundation of Dickinson County at the Dickinson County Nature Center.

Thanks for all your support and interest!

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