Pollinator Paradise: Construction is underway

Thud. Thud. Thud.



Photo of construction on the nature center

We’re going to have to get used to a myriad of noises at the Dickinson County Nature Center as construction on the Pollinator Paradise addition begins.

Poppema-Sikma Construction of Sheldon was awarded the bid for the construction portion of the $1.7 million project, and broke ground last week.

So far, field stones that created a retaining wall on the north side of the property have been removed. Dirt work has begun, and workers are deconstructing the porch and cold storage area on the north side of the building to make way for the addition.

Photo of construction on the nature center

Pollinator Paradise will be the first educational institution in the state, if not the country, to have a pollinator-centric building, focused on the importance of pollinators and the issues surrounding their dwindling populations. The upper level will feature children’s museum-quality education exhibits including life-size honeycomb, an indoor beehive, a pollen-collecting game, a monarch-rearing enclosure and more.

It will also house an indoor greenhouse where pollinator-friendly plants will be grown and sold to encourage people to plant native species in their own landscaping for butterflies and bees.

The lower level of the addition will have mechanical and storage areas as well as a classroom space for environmental education programs.

Photo of construction on the nature center

Go on a milkweed hunt

Looking for an activity today for your toddlers?

Our current Pollinator Paradise is in need of monarch caterpillars for our monarch rearing enclosure. Take your kids out to a natural area and check the milkweed for these tiny yellow, black and white striped caterpillars and bring them to the nature center for us to raise to adults!

This helps your children learn about caterpillars and also lets others get an up-close look at the monarch butterfly life cycle.

Throughout the Pollinator Paradise addition project, we will update progress on our weekly blog. Check it out here!


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