Osprey Diary: Trying out his wings

They grow up so fast.

Photo of three osprey chicks peeking out of the nestopens IMAGE file

One day you’re using your wings to make sure no cool breeze touches your tiny chicks, and the next they don’t fit underneath you. One moment they’re the size of an egg, and the next their wings stretch out as far as yours. One second they’re hunkered down to stay safe, and the next they’re starting to flap their wings, just itching to fly.

I looked at my babies this week, and all three of them have grown up to be healthy, happy little osprey. Although, they’re not really little anymore. The nest is quite full when both Dad and I arrive back at the same time.

In fact, the nest has become so crowded that I don’t spend as much time there anymore. I give the kids a good talking to when I fly off to take a breather and catch fish.

“Don’t draw too much attention to yourselves, and if anything seems out of the ordinary, yell loudly. I’ll be able to hear you.”

“And don’t even think about trying to fly while I’m gone. You’re not strong enough yet. Wait for Dad or me to help you find your flap.”

There’s always that one child though, the one who nods his head and then breaks out anyway. My spy on the ground this morning said that our boisterous oldest was not only flapping his wings while I was away but was hopping up and down, trying to catch the light breeze and sweep away from the nest.Photo of an osprey chick flapping its wingsopens IMAGE file

Luckily, he didn’t quite get it. So one more day in the nest.

We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

Color an osprey

If you’re inspired by our osprey today, download this coloring page and decorate your own. If you bring it to the Dickinson County Nature Center, we’ll put it in our binder of completed projects!

osprey coloring pageopens PDF file

Check out our blogs each week for more toddler activities and also our Osprey Diaries series on the Okoboji Osprey. If you’re not in Kenue Park, watch them come and go on our live web camera.