Osprey Diary: We’re back!

Blue skies. Warm temperatures. Fresh fish.

It was a beautiful winter down south, and it was rejuvenating. I'm a bit of a loner in the off-season, and I needed some time away from my husband after our tragic loss of our chicks last year. I needed some mental recuperation, and the gorgeous winter provided me with plenty of time to think.

We had made plans to meet back up in Okoboji the first week of April, and I knew that he would get there before I did. He always gets back a few days before me and starts to rebuild our nest after the blustery winters they have up there.

My husband arrived on April 2, and I got there I think on April 4. I didn't mark down the exact date when I arrived, because I was too excited to be back!

osprey in their nest early springopens IMAGE file

We met at our old nest in Kenue Park and were sitting watching the wetland when another male started circling overhead. We watched him through squinted eyes, trying to figure out exactly what he wanted when he swooped lower and yelled.

"I want that nest."

My husband took off. There was no way he was going to take our nest from us. My husband yelled and flew after this young buck that thought he could take over our home, and the circled around Kenue Park fighting until the younger guy stopped. He watched from a distance, and we stared back, daring him to fight more.

We did win our nest back though, and on Monday we were blessed with our first egg!

two osprey showing off an eggopens IMAGE file Photo of an osprey eggopens IMAGE file

The countdown to our babies has begun, and maybe by next week we will have more than one egg to cheer on!

Watch our daily lives on our nest camera here!

an osprey roosting on the nestopens IMAGE file