Teddy the turtle looks for a friend

Photo of a turtle

There once was a box turtle named Teddy, who was looking for a friend.


Photo of a turtle in a play wetland

He walked to the wetland but couldn’t find anyone there.


Photo of a turtle in fake grasses

He walked to the prairie but couldn’t find anyone there either.


Photo of a turtle by a fake tree

He walked through the forest.


Photo of a turtle on a stump

He even went to a campsite to look for a friend. But no one was in sight.

Teddy was sad that he was still alone.

But then, Teddy heard some noise. It was his friends waking up from their naps! They all came out to play, making Teddy a very happy turtle.

Photo of turtle with stuffed animals

When you’re stuck inside, it’s fun to be creative and make up stories with your kids. Stop in the Dickinson County Nature Center and visit the Explore Your Playful Nature kids area for an inspiring spot to create your own stories.

While your there, meet with our special animal ambassadors, like Teddy, Honey the hedgehogLeo the northern leopard frog and Al the American Toad.

If you can’t make it to the nature center this week, why not make up your own nature story? Leave your story and photos in the comments below!

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