Craft of the week: Paw Prints

Baby, it's cold outside.

That usually means that people stay inside, but it doesn't mean that you only have to do indoorsy things! Today's Nature Tots focused on paw prints, and toddlers and their families joined us for a story, an animal track scavenger hunt, touch bins and a paw print craft.

For our craft, we used stampers made from actual animal imprints, but you can do a fun variation right from home.

(Under the Sea handprint craft)

We suggest gathering inspiration for your animal tracks from looking out in your yard to see what species have been running through the snow or by even going online to find out what your child's favorite paw print is.

Photo of a deer print in the snowopens IMAGE file

A deer track in the snow at our Horseshoe Bend park.

Image result for gorilla paw print

My favorite animal growing up was a gorilla.

Grab a sheet of paper and a pad of ink (or washable paint if you don't have an ink pad). Try to recreate your animal's track by pressing your fingertips onto the ink pad and then onto the paper.

Photo of a person using ink stamp pad to create fingerprint image

OK, so it may look a little more like a human hand than a gorilla's...

You can make the activity even more fun by competing to see who can make the most accurate rendition, or you can even let your imaginations go wild and see who can come up with the most creative paw print of their own imagined animal!

Photo of image using inked fingerprints

I think the kids' images today were way better than mine! How can you do?

(Try out the turtle prints craft)

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