Craft of the week: Turtle Prints


For Nature Tots last week, the theme was Turtle Power! To celebrate our reptile friends, we decorated our own turtle shells using our thumbprints, and this is a great and easy activity you can do with your little ones at home.

turtle drawingopens IMAGE file Start out by drawing a large turtle on your sheet of paper.

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finger paint bottlesopens IMAGE file

Squeeze out a small amount of a washable paint, such as finger paint, in any colors you would like. You can focus on turtle colors such as greens, yellows and browns or add more festive colors like I did for this example.

thumb in paintopens IMAGE file

The child should dip his or her thumb in the paint, and then back on an empty part of the tray so there is not too much paint on the thumb.

turtle picture with thumbprintsopens IMAGE file

Press the painted thumb onto the page.

Continue on with the different colors, and you can even mix colors for a tie-dyed thumbprint design.

Voila! Your very own turtle shell design.

painted turtle pictureopens IMAGE file

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In 2017, Nature Tots moves to two sessions the second Wednesday of each month, both a 10:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. session. Each session is limited to 25 children, so make sure to register early!

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