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Photo of pasta turtle

Easy pasta creatures

The Great Lakes Mall in Spirit Lake hosts an annual Festival of Trees in which local businesses and non-profits can decorate a tree for a chance to be voted to win the top prize. This year, the theme is about our local food pantry through Upper Des Moines Opportunity, and each organization that decorates a…

Graphic that says mammoth tusks were about 15 feet long

Ground sloths and mammoths once roamed Iowa

The Iowa Great Lakes were formed as a result of glacial activity in the area. West Lake Okoboji is thought to have been created by the Wisconsin Glacier about 14,000 years ago as it retreated to the north. The Des Moines Lobe of the glacier is what covered Iowa and is what outlines Clear Lake,…

Photo of turkeys feeding

Burn off all those Thanksgiving calories with our Turkey Trot Hike

Benjamin Franklin thought the turkey was a more respectable bird than the bald eagle. It’s a myth that he wanted the national bird to be a turkey but rather that he was not pleased with the choice of the eagle and thought the depiction looked like a turkey. “I am on this account not displeased…