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How to Grow Milkweed

If you want to learn how to grow milkweed seeds, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn how best to get your milkweed growing. Much like any other plant native to the Midwest, they go to seed in the fall, are exposed to cold and damp weather during the winter, and then Read More »

Easy Origami Butterfly Craft

With spring around the corner, butterflies are on the brain. Here is another easy way to make a butterfly. Supplies: A square piece of paper Scissors Stapler or yarn/string I chose orange paper to make it look more like a monarch to go along with our milkweed series. Step 1: If your piece of paper Read More »

What is Milkweed and Why is it Important?

If you talk to anyone who knows about butterflies, especially the Monarch butterfly, they will tell you to plant more milkweed. With over 100 species of milkweed in North America, it’s hard to figure out exactly which ones to plant, when to plant them and where to plant them. There’s a lot of guesswork when Read More »

A Simple Butterfly

Our craft of the week is a butterfly in hopes spring will continue to warm up. This butterfly is one that caught my eye on Pinterest because it looked quite simple to make so I’m going to share how you make it.   Supplies: Paper of any color you like Pencil Scissors Compass/paper clip Stapler Read More »