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Photo of a butterfly ornament in a tree

Toilet paper tube butterfly ornaments

My fingers are stained orange like I just ate a bag of Cheetos. At least that’s what naturalist Ashley Hansen said when she looked at me. But it was for a good cause. See, I just spent 10 minutes coloring an empty toilet paper tube orange to make a super fun Christmas tree ornament! All…

Photo of bee box

How honeybees survive the winter

The numbers of bees in the indoor beehive have gone down. But that’s pretty normal this time of year. It just means that our bees have entered winter mode and are getting ready to survive cold weather. Baby, it’s cold outside. As the weather cools down, a honeybee hive starts to change. One of the…

Are frogs actually alive during the winter? Learn about this and more during the Winter Survival Hike

When we think about winter survival, we think about it in human terms — what to do if your car gets stuck in a snowy ditch, how to react if you fall through the ice, what kind of clothes do you need to wear to protect yourself from the cold? But humans aren’t the only…