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Photo of prairie in bloom

Celebrate Prairie Heritage Week at Judd Wildlife Area

Bryanna Kuhlman wanted to highlight the Judd Wildlife Area during Iowa’s Prairie Heritage Week Sept. 9-15. “I thought it would be good to highlight our Judd Wildlife Area because it has remnant, restored and currently-being-restored prairie areas,” said the Dickinson County Conservation Board’s environmental education coordinator. Kuhlman will host a Hike the Wild program at…

Photo of back of American toad

Tell apart Iowa toads

Al and Wally, named for conservationist Alfred Wallace, are two Great Plains toads (Anaxyrus cognatus) that live at the Dickinson County Nature Center. Four different toads live in Iowa — Great Plains toad, American toad, Fowler’s toad and Woodhouse’s toad — and they can be difficult to tell apart. Here are a few key ways…

Photo of a viceroy butterfly

Six facts about viceroy butterflies

You see a black-and-orange butterfly flitting around, but it looks too small to be a monarch butterfly. This butterfly has very similar markings, except for the black line across its hindwing. What could it be? It’s a viceroy! 1. Viceroys are mimics. Viceroy butterflies mimic monarch butterflies, and it was long thought that was because…