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Photo of a deer hoofprint in the snow

Enjoy the season during the Winter Wonderland Walk

Walking through the snowy prairie, one might think that all life has stopped for the winter. But it hasn’t. Hoof prints from deer, hand-like tracks from raccoons, elongated traces of bounding rabbits — the prairie is still quite alive. Environmental education coordinator Bryanna Kuhlman will talk with people about the prairie as well as the…

Graphic about Uranus

Since we have starting working on renovating the Explore Your Playful Nature kids area into a space/night theme, we have learned tons of interesting things about planet. They are a part of our solar system, but sometimes all we learn about them are the order they are from the sun and how big they are…

Photo of hoarfrost

How hoarfrost forms

One of the most beautiful times during winter is when frost builds up on tree branches, blades of grass and fences. The whole world takes on a bright, shimmering white hue, and it makes the bitter temperatures worth it. You might even call it a winter wonderland. This type of frost is called hoarfrost and…