The Horseshoe Bend tubing hill is not yet open for the season. There are still not the right conditions at Horseshoe Bend to operate the tube hill and tow rope. We’re sorry for any inconvenience and will post when conditions allow us to open!

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Photo of a popsicle snowflake

Celebrate winter with a craft stick snowflake

During the holiday break, my mother-in-law was putting her former-teacher skills into action. After a Christmas cookie decorating contest for the family in which she gave out awards such as “Most symmetrical tree” and “Most wordy,” she broke out a snowflake craft for her three granddaughters to work on while their father was out grilling…

Photo of manager Charles Vigdal

Get free stuff at the Dickinson Recycling Center Swap Shop

It’s all free, folks. Latex and acrylic paint, drain cleaner, weed control products, insect repellent — the Dickinson Recycling Center swap shop has a variety of household products that county residents can have for free. People may bring in household hazardous chemicals to the Milford collection center and dispose of them for no charge, from…

Photo of showy milkweed blooms

Five decorative milkweeds to beautify your yard and help monarchs

It seems a little premature since there is snow on the ground and more in the forecast, but it’s the time of year that I start to think about planting my garden. One thing I’m really excited to plant in our landscaping are some native pollinator plants. When we moved to our house, it had…