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Photo of the wingspan exhibit

New exhibits on display at the nature center

The Dickinson County Nature Center has two new exhibits on display. “We always say we’re growing and changing at the Dickinson County Nature Center, and it’s true,” said community relations coordinator Kiley Roth. “We never want people to say, ‘Been there, done that.’ We always want people to come back and experience something new.” The…

Photo of flying short-eared owl

Owls of Iowa

Iowa is home to nine different owl species. You might not have seen all of them before, however, as two are state endangered — the short-eared owl and the barn owl — and one is state threatened — the long-eared owl. Let’s take a look at some of the most interesting facts at each species,…

Photo of a snowy owl pinecone

Snowy owl pinecone craft

Iowa is home to nine species of owls. The snowy owl seems like the Holy Grail of owls, sometimes, since it is so elusive and seen so sporadically in the wintertime. It makes for a fun excursion to try to track down, and it also makes for a fun wintertime craft. To make your own…

Photo of swan chicks

Types of feathers

Feathers come in a variety of colors and forms, but they are all composed of the protein beta-keratin, just like snake scales. Feathers’ barbs and barbules — smaller hooked pieces that come off of the barbs — make up different feather structures that serve different functions. Wing Wing feathers are specialized for flight. On one…